Going beyond “Make Something People Want”

(disclaimer: I am working on the second iteration of this framework based on tons of amazing feedback from YC/TechStars founders and VCs. thank you for reading)

In the opening lecture “Challenge of the Future” of his Stanford class, Peter Thiel argues the fundamental challenge of a startup is to simultaneously answer three questions correctly Continue reading


Hello there. This is where I write about startups and human cognition.

The uncommon success of a technology startup that makes something people frequently want is largely due to the technical chops of the individuals, especially the hacker and the designer.

Yet, no single individual acting alone can navigate from market to idea to product to execution to satisfaction.  Many kinds of thinking are required to perform this task. Some happen sequentially, some in parallel and some in coordination. Some happen inside minds, some outside.

My work is about how a handful of individuals form a product team, and adopt systems to make something people want, with very little time and money. More generally my work is about human cognition in settings where Continue reading